5 Benefits of Kettlebell Training

5 benefits of kettlebell training

You’ll find at least one kettlebell in gyms across the UK. Their compact size and portability make them ideal for inclusion within a home workout kit also. Here we’ll discuss 5 benefits of kettlebell training. But first some history.


First recorded use of a Kettlebell (then known as ‘giyra’) dates to the 18th Century in Russia, used as a metal counterbalance weight to help farmers with weighing crops. Russian kettlebells are traditionally measured in weight by ‘pood’ (approximately 16.38 KG or 36.1lbs). The English term ‘kettlebell’ has been in use since the beginning of the 20th century.

From Russia it was brought to the United States by former Soviet special forces trainer Pavel Tsatsouline, since then they’ve held a strong footing within the CrossFit community.

5 Benefits of Kettlebell Training

    1. Functionality – Functional Training is a pretty popular method of training now, People looking to prolong their athletic duration by combining aspects of everyday movement within their training. Kettlebell training works both motor and balance skills more than traditional weights along with the cardio and strength benefits you’ll be gaining as well.
    2. Complete Workout – Imagine if there was a training method that combined Cardio, Strength and Flexibility training! Well with Kettlebell training you get just that. With kettlebell swings your heart rate quickly increases and aside from being a heavy weight training with kettlebells will keep the body ache and stiffness free because of all the pains of motion you move through.
    3. Recruit more Muscles – You’ve seen a kettlebell, it has quite a unique shape. Because of this, the centre of gravity isn’t in the centre. What does this mean? Well, when you’re moving the kettlebell around you’ll be recruiting your core, glutes and other muscles which may not be used as much to maintain stability when working out. A strong core helps reduce back pain and limit the risk of injuries.
    4. Awareness – A lot of exercises can be done without much consideration (except for the mind to muscle connection). You’ll have likely seen many round the gym “going through the motions”. Kettlebells force you to think about your movements constant mental checks to make sure that you’re using correct form and technique. Try doing a Turkish Get Up without thinking what the next part of the movement is going to be.
    5. Minimal Kit – Training at home and with a budget? Great, one kettlebell is all you need! Plus, the benefit of this is that they won’t take up much space in your home. As we’ve pointed out in the steps above, you really can’t afford not to get a kettlebell. It’ll also double for a cool looking doorstop.

So next time if you’re short on time in the gym, grab a kettlebell. You’ll experience a cardio and strength combined session. Low rep, high rep, power movements you can do it all with a kettlebell.

Interested in learning more about kettlebells? Our Kettlebell instructor course details all aspects of training with kettlebells as well as an extensive catalogue of exercises you can do.

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