5 Books Personal Trainers Should Read

Books personal trainers should read

Thanks to the Internet information everywhere and even more accessible. As you may be aware the official personal trainer qualifications are just the starting point. It’s your responsibility to continue your learning once qualified. We often make recommendations on books personal trainers should read.

5 Books Personal Trainers Should Read

What better than information provided by industry experts. Their sources of information will not just keep your training knowledge up to date but also give you the competitive edge within the industry. We have compiled a list of 5 books personal trainers should read. This list is in no particular order.

Becoming a Supple Leopard – Kelly Starrett

Learning how to perform basic maintenance on your body, allowing you and your clients to live pain-free and rehab adequately from injuries. Improve athletic performance, treat aches and stiffness all without the need of a doctor, physical therapist or masseuse. More importantly, this book helps with identifying physiological issues before pain and injuries occur.

Crush It – Gary Vaynerchuk

Author Gary Vaynerchuk explains and gives excellent examples of how with the aid of the Internet and social media, it’s possible to turn your interests and passion into a real business. It’s likely that you’ve seen Mr ‘Vay-ner-chuk’ somewhere on the Internet as the last couple of years he’s really carved out a marketing niche for himself and by reading this book it’s clear to see that he practices what he preaches.

Which comes first, Cardio or Weights – Alex Hutchinson

Let’s face it. Clients hire you because you’re the expert. Yes, you may have some clients who will do as you tell them with no issues at all. But it’s also likely that you’ll find yourself working with inquisitive clients as well. This book covers the truths that science has uncovered about exercise, offering the latest research from around the globe.

How to win friends and Influence People – Dale Carnegie

Personal trainer and their clients, it’s a relationship. If you’re going to get a client to commit long-term to any lifestyle change then you’re going to need them to think like you, like you and sometimes you’re going to have to have them make changes without causing any friction. There is a reason why this book is still in print after being published 75 years ago.

Strong Curves – Bret Contreras and Kellie Davis

For any personal trainer that works with females, this book is a must. Offering extensive fitness and nutrition guidance to help women improve their physique, strength and mobility. Bret Contreras programming has been proven to be successful repeatedly. Using anatomical explanations you’ll understand why most fitness programs fall short when helping women attain their goals.

Knowledge for Personal Trainers

As you can see from the list we have recommended a couple of business/marketing books. As we explain to our students, knowledge is important, but you need to show that you’re the expert in your field. If you can’t get this message across to your clients or potential clients, then what is going to make you stand out in your profession?

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