5 Tips to Become an Online Personal Trainer

5 tips to become an online personal trainer

We shop online, play video games online and stream our movies online so why not use an online personal trainer? Working hours are getting longer and with trying to balance family and work commitments it’s no surprise that people are turning to online personal trainers to help them keep an eye on their fitness routines.

Online Personal Trainer

Skype, email weekly check-ins and the use of social media make this possibility even easier. More importantly, the “virtual” aspect makes it an affordable option for the client. This also proves cost effective for the trainer as well as they’re no longer spending money on travel costs or day passes at gyms to coach alongside in person with the client.

How to become an online personal trainer

Whether online training is going to be your sole source of income or if you’re looking to add to your existing revenue stream there are many things that you’ll need to have in place

  1. Have access to an exercise library – One of the reasons why people hire personal trainers is for their exercise knowledge, lift techniques and their experience with different movements. Being a virtual trainer means you’re going to have to use a learning resource that your clients can access so they can see the movements they’re required to do. Obviously, in the days of YouTube, Fitness blender and there are lots of options for you to lean on.
  2. Decide on your client type – If you’re looking to work more efficiently and increase the number of clients you can work with it would be best for you to pick 2-3 client types that you see yourself working with. This will allow you to plan template workouts for clients who have similar goals i.e. 20-25-year-old male clients looking to lose weight, add muscle and females looking to regain their body shape post pregnancy.
  3. Have your (online) paperwork ready – Once the client enquiries start coming through you’re going to want to gather information as quickly and efficiently as possible. We assume if you’re already a personal trainer with clients you’ll have a lot of the paperwork to hand already (questionnaires, PAR-Q and informed consent), they may just need tweaking for the online training aspect.
  4. Social media – Today everyone has access to and uses social media (heck my dog has his own Instagram account!). For people to choose you they’re going to have to know you exist. Use of social media to share your success stories and services available will be important. Instagram and Facebook would be ideal to share your services and messages. Instagram is the ideal platform to share transformation and success stories.
  5. You’re the professional – Once you’re ready to go, with the above steps in place. Make sure everyone knows that you’re a personal trainer. Share tips and information on your social media platforms (everyone loves a freebie), ask your friends and family to become involved to help spread awareness and make sure that your clients are aware of the benefits of using an online personal trainer (train in their own time and more importantly cost effective).

Personal Touch

Of course, we’re not saying that the online personal trainer is going to replace the human face to face element of training clients. As beginners to exercise etc will always need that coaching to ensure correct form and technique. But for more experienced fitness enthusiasts having an “online coach” could be the ideal move.

Are you ready to become a personal trainer? If you have any more questions call 01516916680 for more information.


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