Active IQ or YMCA awards – Who are REPs?

Active IQ or YMCA awards_ Who are REPs_

What is an awarding body and who are REPS?

Health and fitness qualifications are certified by awarding bodies. These awarding bodies are responsible for monitoring the training that is being delivered by the training providers. They’re also responsible for issuing the learner’s certificates once qualified. Active IQ or YMCA awards (formally known as CYQ) both are the two biggest awarding bodies in the industry and both recognised in the UK and worldwide.

Active IQ or YMCA awards?

The awarding body is responsible for designing and providing resources for the courses and set the guidelines for teaching, assessment and quality assurance. The responsibility of the training provider is to ensure that the guidelines for delivery are met in line with the policies set up by the awarding body.

Regardless of Active IQ or YMCA awards, it doesn’t really matter which one you choose to use as your awarding body. The qualifications are transferable meaning that you can complete one qualification with one awarding body and additional qualifications with others. Active IQ or YMCA awards you can be confident in knowing that both these awarding bodies are REPs recognised.

Who are REPS?

The Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) is an independent public register for all fitness professionals with the aim of maintaining high standards of trainers throughout the United Kingdom. Their system of regulation for instructors and trainers ensures that all qualifying members meet the health and fitness industries agreed on national occupational standards.

REPs provide confidence to employers and the general public that all trainers and instructors are qualified appropriately and have the skills and knowledge to perform their role safely and effectively. Developed to protect the public from trainers which don’t hold appropriate qualifications while recognising the qualifications and skills of exercise professionals.

Nexus Training makes use of Active IQ for awarding the qualifications we provide. We believe that their excellent customer service and clear guidelines for learning helps ensure the best experience for our own learners.

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