Which Awarding Body? – Active IQ Qualifications or YMCA Awards?

Which Awarding Body, Active IQ Qualifications or YMCA Awards_

How do I choose which awarding body is best for me?

Awarding bodies (such as Active IQ) certify all manner of health and fitness qualifications. These awarding bodies are responsible for monitoring the quality of delivery as well as the topics and material which is being taught by the training providers. Registration and certification of learners are also carried out by the awarding bodies. Active IQ and YMCA awards are the two biggest awarding bodies in the fitness industry and as a result, are recognised across the UK and worldwide.

But Which One, Active IQ or YMCA Awards?

For this article, we’re going to be focusing mainly on the qualifications from Active IQ and YMCA Awards, because as far as the fitness industry is concerned these two awarding bodies have the history as well as the expertise to design and award qualifications within the health and fitness industry.

As already mentioned, the awarding body is not just responsible for designing and providing resources for the courses but they also set the guidelines for teaching, assessment and quality assurance. Certain regulations are in place to make sure that the students receive the quality of teaching and learning that has been agreed between the awarding bodies and the training provider. They’ll contact learners directly at times to ensure quality, learner interviews can also take place when they visit and observe the teaching days and assessment days to make sure that the material, methods of contact and learner support has been adequate throughout.

Ultimately, the training provider ensures the guidelines for delivery are met in line with the policies set up by the awarding body (Active IQ or YMCA Awards).

Regardless of whether your qualification is awarded by Active IQ or YMCA awards, it doesn’t matter which one. The qualifications will be transferable which means you can complete one qualification with one and additional qualifications with other awarding bodies.

Course material and delivery methods are often similar between Active IQ or YMCA awards so you can be assured in knowing that both these awarding bodies are REPs and CIMSPA recognised.


The Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA) and the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) are both professional development governing bodies for the UK health and fitness industry. Making sure that those that qualify within the industry do so at a high standard throughout the UK.

The main original purpose of the governing bodies such as REPs was to ensure that the general public wouldn’t be exposed to under-qualified trainers. Setting out the guidelines of knowledge which the awarding bodies (Active IQ) will then use to create the qualification which the training provider follows. REPs and CIMSPA assure employers and the gym members that all fitness professionals are qualified legitimately and are safe and professional when delivering exercise.

Nexus Training works closely with Active IQ for awarding the qualifications we provide. We are a highly compliant and green light centre ensuring the quality for our students through course delivery as well as career support once qualified. We believe that Active IQ’s excellent customer service and clear guidelines for learning as well as the quick turnaround with certification when qualified help to ensure the best experience for our learners.

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