Benefits of medicine Ball Training

Benefits of Medicine Ball Training

With functional training having more attention paid to it currently. There are always new methods of training being developed. Combine this with people looking to save time when training as well as an exercise which not only increases strength but also has a more efficient fat burning potential. We’ll cover the benefits of medicine ball training and why you should consider adding this method of training into your current plan.

Ancient Times – Origins

Ranging back to when ancient Greeks discovered the health benefits of exercising with weighted balls, it’s been used for years to improve cardiovascular function as well as power and speed training. The movement involved as well as the method of training makes it also good for developing hand-eye coordination as well as balance.

Full Range of Movement

As with Kettlebells and power club training. Medicine ball training also involves the freedom of movement which replicates movements found in other sports and day to day functional actions. Being able to move your body through multiple plains of movement while employing speed and force. Combine this with traditional training such as squats and deadlifts which have a single plane of movement. Then you’ll be ensuring you maintain great mobility.

Portable and Versatile

The main benefits of medicine ball training is the size of the equipment, this makes them great for a home gym/workout kit as well as the ability to transport with personal trainers to different clients.

Usually associated with training core (abs and posterior chain), including medicine ball training is perfect because of the number of movements you can use which are like those in everyday life. However, because of the design, it’s also possible to create upper and lower body exercises which use the equipment which make it great for achieving a total body workout.

As always, variation is the key to training. Focusing on mobility is proving more popular as a training goal. This will not only help us currently in our day to day lives but also as we begin to age it will help slow down the process associated with getting older.

7 Wonders of Fitness

Included in the 7 Wonders of Fitness eLearning course, you’ll learn more about the benefits of medicine ball training, covering the theory behind the training, extensive exercise library of movements as well as how to programme training to use medicine balls with your clients.

All courses in the 7 wonders of fitness are approximately one hour long and contain an online quiz to confirm your understanding of the materials covered. For just £99 you can have access to all 7 courses which are delivered using an online eLearning platform which can be accessed around your existing commitments. Consider combining this course with our Personal Trainer Diploma to really maximise your client’s training potential

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