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How To Choose A Personal Trainer

How to choose a personal Trainer

Whether you’re taking the first step or the next steps in your fitness journey working with a great personal trainer can be the difference between you exceeding your goals or giving up because of lack of motivation or through injury. We’ve written a few things about how to choose a personal trainer which will hopefully see you smash your current goals and on a new committed fitness path.

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Getting Started as a Personal Trainer

Getting started as a personal trainer

Getting started as a Personal Trainer

OK, so you have the qualifications to proudly call yourself a personal trainer, but now what? It’s possible that you were so focused on working towards your qualifications that you didn’t give much thought to what the next steps would be. Nexus Training has got your back! We’ll share some information about getting started as a personal trainer.

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5 Tips to Become an Online Personal Trainer

5 tips to become an online personal trainer

We shop online, play video games online and stream our movies online so why not use an online personal trainer? Working hours are getting longer and with trying to balance family and work commitments it’s no surprise that people are turning to online personal trainers to help them keep an eye on their fitness routines.

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Benefits of medicine Ball Training

Benefits of Medicine Ball Training

With functional training having more attention paid to it currently. There are always new methods of training being developed. Combine this with people looking to save time when training as well as an exercise which not only increases strength but also has a more efficient fat burning potential. We’ll cover the benefits of medicine ball training and why you should consider adding this method of training into your current plan.

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The Benefits of Water

The Benefits of WaterThe human body is made up of between 60% – 70% water. Based on that fact alone it would make sense to stay well hydrated. Many don’t though. Why?  Who knows. We have compiled a list of the benefits of water, you can share with your friends the next time they question you and your water consumption habits.

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London Marathon – What to Expect

London Marathon - What to Expect

Fancy dress, heat rub and chafing issues. London is set to get interesting again. The 2018 London marathon is here again. Charity runners, fit for age athletes or lucky ballot entrants the streets of London are set to be full of 35,000 runners. If this is your first time running a marathon or running the London marathon here’s what to expect.

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Stretching for Beginners

Stretching for Beginners

How flexible are you? – Don’t worry we’re not going to ask you to help me move to a new house or look after my dog while I go on holiday. I mean mobility and flexibility. Do you stretch? If not, why not? Stretching is very overlooked, often seen as a token gesture before and after a workout. We’ve written this as a short guide to stretching for beginners. But regardless of your experience, there may be some elements of stretching that you’re unaware of.

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Top 5 Podcasts for Fitness Professionals

Podcasts for Fitness Professionals

Before blogs and vlogs became all the rage, we had podcasts. Podcasts can take on many formats and duration but there is no doubting their usefulness when it comes to educating or offering a new perspective on a topic. We have compiled, in no preferential order the top 5 podcasts for fitness professionals.

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