Fitness for Beginners – 5 Important Steps

Fitness for Beginners

For whatever reason you decide today is the day you are going to get into shape. No more dreading social functions because you never feel comfortable in clothes. Not hating what you see when you look in the mirror and certainly no more feeling like people are commenting behind your back about your weight and shape. Only thing now, is how are you going to do it? Well, we’ve put together 5 steps for fitness for beginners to help you be successful.

Goal Setting

Before you do anything, The most important tip when considering fitness for beginners is to set yourself some goals. You’ve made the decision to start exercising, but Why? Can you use this to help formulate some goals? Goals are important because they help you change your mindset because they shift your focus. You work harder and are more motivated when you’re working towards a target. Check out a previous post of ours about setting SMART goals and how they can help you

Be Like the Tortoise

The worst thing you can do is do too much too soon. Regardless if you’re a complete beginner or if you’re starting again after an injury. Rest days are just as important as your active days. Your body is going to need time to recover from your new healthy lifestyle. Once the muscle soreness isn’t as bad then that’s when you can consider increasing the intensity or the frequency of training.

Training partners (Real or Virtual)

It’s been proven over time that if you’re working out with someone else you’re more likely to stay committed to training because of you not wanting to be the one that has to miss a training session. It’s even easier now to make yourself accountable with social media. Twitter often has certain hashtags (#runchat), where like-minded people will tweet their thoughts, concerns and problems. Instagram also helps people be accountable, some setup fitness/weight loss only accounts which again can help motivate others as well as themselves.


Taking the time to plan and prepare your meals ahead of time can make the difference when looking to change your lifestyle. We’re not talking about brown rice and chicken/fish for every meal. However, instead of never having time for breakfast in the morning why not prepare some overnight oats. Or if you’ve only got time to grab a sandwich during the day for lunch why not prepare a satisfying salad the night before which won’t be as calorie/sugar laden as the pre-packaged sandwiches which are more convenient that nutritious.


More than anything though, enjoy what you’re doing. You’ve made this decision to better your standard of living. Each week that passes you are doing better than what you were previously. Weight loss won’t appear as though it’s happening as quickly as gaining the weight. However, give it 4-6 weeks and someone will notice the difference, let that spur you on. Fitness for beginners shouldn’t be as complicated as many feel it is. Follow our 5 tips and you should find some success with your new healthy lifestyle. Looking for more information for beginners? Check out our article about stretching for beginners.

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