What are Flexible Learning Qualifications

What are flexible learning qualifications

A recent review by the government of post-18 education has looked at methods to support lifelong learning including part-time and distance learning and the role of flexible learning qualifications within this method. Regardless of what the government believes states it’s final report we believe flexible learning is important given the busy lifestyles many people face daily.

Flexible Learning Qualifications

Nexus Training flexible learning qualifications are designed to fit your lifestyle and commitments, meaning you can spend as little or as much time working towards your final qualifications as allowed. All Nexus Training courses are designed to be as flexible as you need them to be. With immediate start dates upon signing up, you can choose when and where you wish to attend the flexible learning and dictate your own end dates.

Blended Learning

All courses are delivered using blended learning, meaning a mixture of home study and face to face teaching/assessment days. This means you will learn at home around your commitments and with the help of our student support team you will complete the coursework, revise for exams (if needed) and complete the E-learning appropriate to your course. Trying to balance a busy lifestyle with work, family and other commitments this has been proven to be the perfect way to study as you can fit it around your other priorities.

Ideally, we would recommend 4-6 weeks pre-course learning before attending the face to face teaching days this is based on one-hour study every 2 days or 30minutes of learning a day. If you’re not in a rush to gain the qualifications, then you can take the time that you see necessary. Our student support team will be on hand to create a learning plan based on the time that you have available.


The dates are flexible to allow you to pick the best date that suits you. If you don’t see dates available which meet your requirements, then our course advisers will be happy to arrange personal dates just for you.

If you’re considering a new career as a personal trainer then check out our Personal trainer diploma which is our most popular course.

Or call 0151 691 6680 and speak to one of our career advisers who will answer any questions you may have and help you on your way to your new career path.

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