How To Choose A Personal Trainer

How to choose a personal Trainer

Whether you’re taking the first step or the next steps in your fitness journey working with a great personal trainer can be the difference between you exceeding your goals or giving up because of lack of motivation or through injury. We’ve written a few things about how to choose a personal trainer which will hopefully see you smash your current goals and on a new committed fitness path.

How to Choose a Personal Trainer

Your initial consultation with the prospective PT not only gives them the chance to find out about you but more importantly allows you to ask the questions to help you choose your personal trainer. The main role of a personal trainer is to discuss your goals, assess your fitness levels, design a training program to achieve your goals whilst keeping you motivated.


First and foremost, this is the most important thing you need to consider. To become a qualified personal trainer, they must have passed two qualifications at the minimum. The level 2 fitness instructor and the level 3 personal trainer certificate. These two initial qualifications will ensure that they have met the standards necessary as defined by REPS or CIMSPA. Feel free to ask your potential trainer about their qualifications it’s likely they’ll have proof of qualification to show you.

Training Specialities

While a qualified personal trainer should be competent in creating a training plan for all clients. If you’re after something specific like completing a race in under a certain time. Or stepping on stage as a bodybuilder then the smart move would be to look for a trainer who can show that they are experienced in that training field. The extra focus in expertise will benefit you as a client greatly. Again, personal trainers will likely advertise if they see themselves as experts when working with niche clients. So, don’t be afraid to ask about their knowledge of your potential goals.

Personality and Experience

You want someone training you that you feel you can relate too. You’re also going to want someone training you who is happy to answer any questions you may have about your training as well as someone who is there to potentially motivate you if you’re struggling with the training and to keep you on track.

In terms of experience ideally you would be looking for a trainer who has the track record with clients, a bonus would be the experience of clients in a similar starting position as yourself. However, we’re not ruling out newly qualified trainers either. Majority of people become personal trainers because they themselves have experienced competition, weight loss and training issues. They become trainers to show clients that they themselves have been successful with the training they’re using.

Never underestimate the ability of a personal trainer because they don’t meet the social norm with regards to how a personal trainer should look or how they train themselves. What motivates you most? Some clients are happy for minimum feedback and positive reinforcement while others want/need screaming at to continue with their training.


Pretty much the final deciding factor is how much your new training partner is going to cost you. The hourly rate can differ quite a bit depending on the qualifications/experience of your trainer. So, make sure that before you meet with your new trainer you have your budget set to what you’re willing to spend. It’s likely that your trainer will have discounts available for block booking etc so don’t be afraid to ask. Discounts may be available for clients who are happy to be used as case studies to help boost awareness on social media for future clients.

Trust Your Gut

The above are just general guidelines, following these points knowing how to choose a personal trainer won’t be an issue. You’ll find that the personal trainer will be more than happy to provide the information when asked, that’s if they haven’t already provided the information upfront. You may find that you have your own criteria that you’re looking for the PT to meet. Above all the trainer that’s qualified and the best fit for you is the one that you should hire.