Obesity Myths – What Should We Believe?

Obesity Myths

The word obesity is in the news quite a lot currently, with articles and research claiming obesity is a cause for cancer and now Public Health England warning recommending the whole of England needs to go on a diet with a proposed new 400-600-600 calorie controlled diet. But why do we struggle with our weight so much? Which obesity myths should we ignore?

Obesity Myths

We’ll discuss some of the common obesity myths that potentially makes it “easier” for us to slip when we’re trying so hard to eat healthily. Or grab a takeaway when we’re working late and on our way home.

“Carbs are bad for me I need to avoid them at all costs”

Reality: Consumed as part of a healthy balanced diet, Carbohydrates are not bad at all. Processed and sugary carbs (white bread) should be avoided or alternatives found. However, fruit and vegetable carbs are ideal and a great way to bulk out your plate and satisfy hunger.

“I am overweight because I have a slow metabolism”

Reality: Metabolism is the calories used by the body. Studies have shown that resting metabolism increases as people become heavier. This means the bigger you are the more calories you need to maintain your body mass. This means that you’ll burn more calories doing the same activity than someone with less mass. Hence the phrase “Fuelling a larger machine”.

One way of increasing the effectiveness of your metabolism is to increase your lean muscle mass. As this will mean you burning calories effectively while working and resting.

“I should eat only low-fat foods”

Reality: Clever marketing can make anyone believe anything. Unfortunately, ‘low-fat’ foods are often the go-to choice for people who are looking to lose weight. The problem is low-fat foods often are higher in sugar to make up for the loss in flavour from reducing the fat. Instead of low-fat choose foods which are “low in sugar” or “reduced/no added sugar”.

With new studies and research making breakthroughs constantly, it can be difficult to know right from wrong. With clever marketing and bright fancy packaging as well as traffic light systems on containers it can all be confusing.

Further Learning

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