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5 Benefits of Kettlebell Training

5 benefits of kettlebell training

You’ll find at least one kettlebell in gyms across the UK. Their compact size and portability make them ideal for inclusion within a home workout kit also. Here we’ll discuss 5 benefits of kettlebell training. But first some history.

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What are Flexible Learning Qualifications

What are flexible learning qualifications

A recent review by the government of post-18 education has looked at methods to support lifelong learning including part-time and distance learning and the role of flexible learning qualifications within this method. Regardless of what the government believes states it’s final report we believe flexible learning is important given the busy lifestyles many people face daily.

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What does a Personal Trainer course cost?

What does a personal trainer course cost

Across the UK there are a number of different courses that are available to potential students. Cost is an important factor for many people when deciding to make any purchase. “What does a personal trainer course cost?” is one of the most googled searches within the health and fitness industry.

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Active IQ or YMCA awards – Who are REPs?

Active IQ or YMCA awards_ Who are REPs_

What is an awarding body and who are REPS?

Health and fitness qualifications are certified by awarding bodies. These awarding bodies are responsible for monitoring the training that is being delivered by the training providers. They’re also responsible for issuing the learner’s certificates once qualified. Active IQ or YMCA awards (formally known as CYQ) both are the two biggest awarding bodies in the industry and both recognised in the UK and worldwide.

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What will I learn on my course?

What will I learn on my course

What will I learn on my course?

So while you’ve likely been weighing up a number of options when deciding on which course is for you. One thing you want to know is “What will I learn on my course?” Here is what you can expect to cover on your learning path to becoming a Personal Trainer (This covers both the Level 2 Gym Instructor as well as Level 3 Personal Trainer certificates).

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Which course format is best for me?

which course format is best for me

One of the decisions you need to make prior to enrolling on your personal trainer qualification is how the course will be delivered and if it meets your needs around your existing work, family and lifestyle commitments. There are a number of options available to you, we’ll help explain and hopefully shed some light on which method is best for you.

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How to become a personal trainer

how to become a personal trainer

Like the large majority of the UK population, January brings about the desire for change. A new career is one of the goals or resolutions many of us set. If you’re passionate about fitness then you’ve likely considered becoming a personal trainer. You might have even used google to search “How to become a personal trainer”.

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New career headstart with Gymcareer

gym career logo

New career

A recent national employee survey has revealed that 52% of workers across the UK will be looking for a new job or career in January.

Nexus Training is pleased to announce that our new partnership with Gymcareer will ensure that all our learners will have the tools necessary to help them find employment once qualified.

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FIFA Confederations Cup – Russia 2017

Picture of Confederations cupThe FIFA Confederations Cup is an international tournament, currently held every four years. It is contested by the holders of each of the six

(UEFACONMEBOLCONCACAFCAFAFCOFC) regional championships, along with the FIFA World Cup holder and the host nation, to bring the number of teams up to eight.

The current Confederations Cup holders are Brazil who in 2013 beat Spain 3-0 for a record fourth title. However, Brazil won’t be at the 2017 tournament as they were knocked out by Paraguay in the 2015 Copa America in the quarter final stages.

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