Power Club Training

Power Club Training

Like Kettlebell training, “Indian club” or power club training as it’s now more commonly referred to has been around for a very long time. First recorded use reaches back to late 18th century used by wrestlers in Egypt, Persia and the rest of the Middle East.

However, during the early 20th century because of the size and shape of the clubs, they were also used as concealed weapons for use against the police during the British suffragette movement.

Now though, with the public looking to use more functional training approaches this training method has reappeared albeit named “Power Clubs” and are proving once again to be very popular.

Functional Power Club Training

The movements involved in the power club training promote different planes of motion, the movements are great for training your shoulders over a larger more full range of motion. This will help keep them strong while improving stability in the joints. This is great for anyone that take part in sports such as golf or tennis.

The rotational work that’s involved using the club will help recruit and train more stabilising muscle fibres. Promoting a stronger core which helps with posture.

Strength and Cardio

Just like throwing a kettlebell round, the aim of power club training is to increase both muscular and cardiovascular endurance. The movements favour higher reps, therefore, the use of a lighter club is essential and because of the higher reps the focus on stabilising other muscles this is going to tax not just your muscles used but also your heart and lungs which adds to the cardio function of training.

Further Reading

Included in the 7 Wonders of Fitness eLearning course, you’ll learn more about power club training, covering the theory behind the training, extensive exercise library of movements as well as how to programme training to use power clubs.

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