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Nexus Training is happy to announce that through working with Protectivity all our qualifying students are eligible for a 10% discount on their annual insurance premium.

Protectivity is a specialist sports and leisure insurance company who can quickly give you a quote for the type of insurance premium that you’re looking for. Protectivity’s cheapest personal trainer insurance policies start at just £50.23 for the year. This annual premium provides the standard, yet comprehensive, amount of cover required.

As a newly qualified personal trainer deciding on which insurance you need can be a daunting task. I mean you’re just looking to train clients, no time for paperwork. However, it’s vital, as the last thing you need is to end up in court for a mistake or an accident that has happened while you’ve been training your client.

When working for a gym or a leisure centre there will be certain coverage that you’ll have within the building’s insurance policy. But it’s always good practice to ensure that you have your own insurance policy arranged for those clients that are being trained outside or on their own premises.

Insurance for Personal Trainers

These are the different factors which need to be considered when shopping for personal trainer insurance;

Public Liability

Public liability plays a part in any business insurance. For a personal trainer, liability insurance covers you for claims stemming from damage or injury to members of the public or their property. So for example, if your client causes damage in a gym in which you deliver the training sessions any claims in court against you, the personal trainer, you would be covered for any compensation costs.

Professional Indemnity

Professional indemnity covers you as the personal trainer if a client claims that advice or training that you have given them has caused them an injury. The decision to claim of course is down to your client. If they deem the injury they’ve suffered is as a result of your negligence.

Sports Equipment cover

As a personal trainer, you’ll likely have your own collection of equipment that you use with your clients. if you’re responsible for running outdoor boot camps or training clients at their home you’ll likely travel with your equipment. This equipment cover will ensure that any damage to your equipment by a client or a third party.

Personal Accident cover

This is for you, the personal trainer. Personal accident cover will mean if you injured yourself while leading a personal training session, your insurance policy could help pay towards treatment during rehabilitation. This added benefit provides peace of mind for personal trainers when carrying out their sessions.

All students qualifying through Nexus Training are eligible for a 10% discount. Upon completion of any of our courses, you’ll be presented with a discount code for use when receiving your insurance quote.

To take advantage of this amazing offer from Nexus Training and Protectivity, contact one of our career advisers today on 0151 691 6680 they’ll answer any questions you may have and help you on your way with your new career path.

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