Suspension Training for Clients

Suspension Training for Clients

Suspension training is an excellent training concept designed to give an all over workout with just the one piece of equipment. They have pride of place in many gyms. Attached to hooks or if the space permits groups of suspension kit attached to a rig set up. Find out why more personal trainers are using suspension training for clients.

Often incorrectly referred to as TRX training (TRX is a brand of suspension equipment there are others available), suspension kits are easily purchased online and aren’t exclusive to gyms. People serious about resistance training are purchasing them for use in home gym setups or even to take with them if they’re away travelling with work. The way the kit is designed, you’re able to anchor the equipment using a closed door and this opens up a wide variety of exercises and stretches available.


In a previous post, we discussed the benefits of Kettlebells one of the main reasons to use them was because of their portability and the same is true with suspension training. Suspension equipment is travel-friendly, a lot of serious fitness fans carry their own kit with them when travelling for recreation or work. It’s easy when the entire kit can be tucked away in a travel pouch no bigger than a paperback book! Combine this with the space needed to use the equipment with the wide selection of exercises possible, it’s easy to achieve a total body workout without having to move from the area you set up in.


All exercises involved demand controlled movement against your own bodyweight. Foot and hand positioning can make the exercises easier or harder depending on the angles that you find yourself positioned. But this is the beauty of the training method, you’re forced to consider your form and technique while making sure you remain balanced. This, as a result, recruits more muscle fibres as well as a greater connection with your central nervous system. Improvements are quickly seen in balance, coordination, flexibility and metabolic training.

The adjustments of body positioning to increase or decrease resistance make it ideal for all fitness levels because the low impact nature, it also means that you can train safely without risking injury or effecting a pre-existing condition.

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As with all new training methods make sure that you start slowly and gain a proper feel for the equipment and the demands of suspension training. Regardless of what you can currently do in the gym, you wouldn’t want to let ego get the better of you and you injure yourself which could see you out of the gym and having to rest. Used properly beginners and experienced athletes can benefit from the inclusion of suspension training. Core stability will see the biggest improvement, bracing and stabilising your core helps you when using your own bodyweight as the resistance.


We’ve all been there, dreading our workout sessions because we’re fed up of the same exercises targeting the same muscles and not feeling the benefits. As with all training we would recommend changing it up once in a while. Using suspension training occasionally is guaranteed to make a difference. You don’t have to substitute your whole training session. But swapping a couple of exercises for the suspension variation may just give your training a boost and help with your development.