The Benefits of Water

The Benefits of WaterThe human body is made up of between 60% – 70% water. Based on that fact alone it would make sense to stay well hydrated. Many don’t though. Why?  Who knows. We have compiled a list of the benefits of water, you can share with your friends the next time they question you and your water consumption habits.

Aids Weight Loss

One of the main benefits of water and why you would have been told or heard someone encourage others to increase their water intake is that it helps with weight loss (with the support of a balanced diet). Water increases satiety and can boost your metabolic rate. Often the feeling of hunger is down to thirst. It’s recommended for some that when you’re feeling hungry first drink a glass of water and then see if the feeling goes away.

Increase in Energy Levels and Brain Function

Studies have shown that even the slightest levels of dehydration can impair many facets of brain function. Drinking water helps you retain focus and be more alert. Fluids loss due to exercise if not replenished can effect mood as well as increasing the frequency of headaches.

Fluid loss can also lead to increased feelings of anxiety and fatigue. It’s worth noting that normal daily activities can also result in dehydration it’s not just down to exercise or warm weather.

Prevention of Headaches

The occurrence of headaches or migraines could be down to hydration levels. Again, the brain is mostly water so it makes sense that drinking water can help relieve or lessen the pain from headaches.

Assistance for your Kidneys

The kidneys are responsible for filtering blood daily and removing waste from the body (via urine). This means that the kidneys need enough fluids to help clear away what we don’t need in the body. Being improperly hydrated can result in lower kidney function and worse can result in kidney stones.

How to Stay Hydrated  

So that’s some of the benefits of water, if you’re looking to keep on top of your hydration levels after reading this article then we’d recommend anywhere between 1.5-2 litres of water a day. However, this is dependant on a number of factors including activity levels as well as hot weather conditions.

One extra tip before we go, Drink cold water, then the body will use additional energy to heat the water to your body temperature.

Further Reading

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