Top 5 Podcasts for Fitness Professionals

Podcasts for Fitness Professionals

Before blogs and vlogs became all the rage, we had podcasts. Podcasts can take on many formats and duration but there is no doubting their usefulness when it comes to educating or offering a new perspective on a topic. We have compiled, in no preferential order the top 5 podcasts for fitness professionals.

Podcasts for Fitness Professionals

Ben Coomber Radio

Rated the number 1 health and fitness podcast in the UK. Ben has established himself as a source of all knowledge relating to the fitness industry. Interviewing industry experts with weekly shows Ben will expand your knowledge and enthusiasm for improving ourselves physically as well as giving us food for thought regarding training methods which can be used with clients.

The Tim Ferriss Show

Tim Ferriss is a human guinea pig. Famous initially for his best selling books “The 4-hour work week” and “The 4-hour body” Tim really is an expert in “Lifehacks”. However, he’s not just about taking shortcuts. Methodical research and then experimentation make up his approach to topics. He’s had the pleasure of interviewing experts across all industries (not just health and fitness) experts that can make you think about how you approach your own profession and personal life differently.

The Gary Vee Audio Experience

What Gary Vaynerchuk doesn’t know about marketing isn’t worth knowing! Whilst podcasts his podcasts don’t initially seem like something we should include in a post about podcasts for fitness professionals. His knowledge about content and marketing just might make you reconsider how you’re promoting yourself as a personal trainer. Sharing his experience you can find out why Gary Vee is the social media expert. A lot of his podcasts are also available on YouTube.

The Joe Rogan Experience

Again not classed as a health and fitness podcast exactly. However, Many of Joe Rogan’s popular guests over the MANY years that he’s been active have been in the health, fitness and wellness industry. Podcasts can be a little lengthy at times, however, you’re always guaranteed to feel motivated while learning something new. (We would recommend the Dr Rhonda Patrick episodes as a starting point)

No Meat Athlete Radio

Given the increase in popularity of a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle currently, it makes sense that we would include a fitness podcast based on that life choice. Discussions and guests are from the world of running, habit change and lifestyle with experts in the field such as Rich Roll and Brendan Brazier.

Get Listening

We recently posted our thoughts on must-read books for fitness professionals, Hopefully, from these recommended podcasts you or your clients can find something that sparks and makes a difference in your day to day lives. Podcasts are great on a commute or when out getting the cardio done for the day. Headphones in and let us know what you think on Facebook or Twitter. Feel free to comment below as well with any podcasts that we may have missed.

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