Top 8 Health and Fitness Podcasts

Health and Fitness Podcasts

Last year we shared our recommended podcasts for fitness professionals. We decided a new post was needed with fresh and recommended podcasts. This year we’ve decided to increase our list to the top 8 health and fitness podcasts

We all know what podcasts are, we also know how handy they can be with either reigniting our motivation, educating us in new ways of training or nutrition as well as being great to listen to if we’re out running on our own for long distances or even if we’re commuting to and from work. As with our last suggested podcast post, these are in no specific order. Hopefully, you’ll find something you like. If we’ve missed anything please be sure to let us know.

The Rich Roll Podcast

Rich Roll is an ultra-marathon athlete and a top-selling author. His books include autobiographical accounts of his life and training as well as vegan recipe cookbooks. In his podcast, he likes to try and cover all bases of human living. Exercise, Nutrition and the human mind.

TEDTalks Health

By now we’re all familiar with TEDTalks and how the videos can be useful in sparking inspiration with new ideas. The podcast is designed to keep you up to date with new medical breakthroughs while offering advice and analysis on daily health ideas. Researchers and doctors share their knowledge and findings of medicine and supplements and training methods.

Found My Fitness – Rhonda Patrick, PhD

Regular listeners of the Joe Rogan experience may have already come across Rhonda Patrick as she has become a regular guest of his show. Dr Patrick has done extensive research on cancer, ageing and nutrition. She has also carried out numerous studies involving nutrition and the roles it can play in neurodegenerative diseases. You can often come away from these podcasts thinking of ways to implement new ideas and thoughts into your everyday living.

The WODcast Podcast

If you’re into Crossfit then this is the podcast for you. A fun podcast about functional fitness interviewing not just CrossFit athletes but also their coaches and health and wellness experts. If you CrossFit, it’s likely that you enjoy talking about it. So why not listen to comedian Eddie Ifft talk about it with other like-minded individuals.

The James Smith Podcast

You will have likely come across James Smith on Instagram. A highly experienced personal trainer who has no problem addressing some of the witchcraft products and money-wasting supplements which have saturated the fitness industry. As well as debunking a lot of nutrition and training myths, James’ no-nonsense approach to health and fitness is a breath of fresh air in a potentially crowded market.

Better, Stronger Faster: A Performance Enhancing Podcast

Award-winning director Chris Bell (“Prescription thugs” and “bigger stronger faster”) and TV actor William Shewfelt discuss all aspects of performance-enhancing in training, nutrition and mindset. They also interview athletes across all fitness and entertainment communities.

Running Commentary

Two UK comedians Paul Tonkinson and Rob Deering talk about life issues and comedy, but mainly they talk about running….. While out running. It’s like going for a run with friends.

The Joe Rogan Experience

So yes we featured Joe Rogan last time we compiled this list. But if you mention podcasts you can’t help but think of The Joe Rogan Experience. A lot of his popular guests are those that are in the health, fitness and mindset industry. The podcasts can be a little lengthy at times, however, you’re always guaranteed to feel motivated while learning something new.

Listen Up

Hopefully, you’ll try some of these podcasts if not all and we hope you like them. There are lots of podcasts available, and this was just our top 8 health and fitness podcasts. There is bound to be something for you here in this list. All podcasts are available on the usual podcast platforms.