What Can I Earn As A Personal Trainer

What Can I earn as a personal trainer

There are many different reasons why people become personal trainers. Flexible hours, own boss, helping/motivating people to make a change in their lives and of course the main question everyone wants to know. What can I earn as a Personal Trainer?

What Can I Earn As A Personal Trainer?

For those that work hard, and do well it can be a very lucrative career. However, there are a couple of different options which can affect overall earnings.

Freelance personal trainer in a gym, this means trainers that work for themselves using the facilities of a local gym to train clients (normally this will be members of the gym). Whilst the benefits to this are understandable; modern equipment, adequate training space as well as access to a potential client base. The PT will need to remember that it’s likely the gym will look for a payment in terms of monthly rent – This is dependant on the size and popularity of the gym. This is how most newly qualified trainers begin their career and can look to earn between £15 to £18k a year (this is after rent)

Employed by a gym, personal trainers can be employed directly by the gym and will earn income on a PAYE basis (meaning their tax and NI contributions are arranged by the gym). This method is becoming less available given most gyms looking to employ personal trainers on either a freelance basis or on an hourly sacrifice scheme. Workers will also be given other tasks to do within the gym such as new member inductions and lead group fitness classes. This gives the trainer the perfect opportunity to advertise themselves and their services. Earnings can be between £20 to £25k a year.

Independent self-employed, personal trainers who have set up their own business, creating their own marketing as they see fit. Results in uncapped income with several options for earnings, meaning that the sky really is the limit when it comes to what they can earn. The only restriction is how hard the trainer is willing to work and how many clients they will train.

Thanks to social media “online trainers” are more popular than ever. People opting for this measure as it can save them time, and that the trainers could potentially never actually meet their clients instead have regular check in’s and adjust programs. Minimum income starts at £15k a year, the harder they work the more they’ll earn.

Options Available

These are just the standard options that are available when addressing the issue of “What can I earn as a personal trainer?” With the career support provided by Nexus Training to ensure that all qualified personal trainers are in a position to either work independently or working with a gym such as Pure Gym. Our learners also have the added advantage of working with our partners GymCareer to help with the recruitment process with gyms across the UK.

Are you ready to become a personal trainer? If you have any more questions call 01516916680 for more information.


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