What does a Personal Trainer course cost?

What does a personal trainer course cost

Across the UK there are a number of different courses that are available to potential students. Cost is an important factor for many people when deciding to make any purchase. “What does a personal trainer course cost?” is one of the most googled searches within the health and fitness industry.

Why do courses differ in price?

As we’ve discussed in another post a couple of weeks ago there are a number of different options available when studying, the price of the course will vary according to how the course is delivered and what the final certification will allow the student to do. So what does a personal trainer course cost? Well course prices can vary greatly depending on what you’re looking for you will see prices range from £399 to £3500, we’ll explain what you can expect to see when shopping around.

Bundle course packages

Some training providers may bundle a number of courses together allowing people to maximise their learning portfolio in the quickest time possible. At first glance, these offers may be ideal if you have the money available to pay out for these qualifications, but careful consideration from the student needs to be given as to whether or not they will be likely to use all of the qualifications which are being offered.

Pay for what you need

Other providers will focus on delivering the minimum qualifications necessary. This is ideal for students who are looking to gain the necessary qualifications to become qualified in their target profession. This means that they can save money and time by just signing up for the courses needed. It’s not uncommon when personal trainers start working for gym’s that further training in specific disciplines will be provided or funded by the gym at no additional cost to the students. Often once qualified, fitness professionals make a decision if they want to work with a niche audience and with more industry knowledge decide on further qualifications.

Compare and ask

The main piece of advice we can offer is to do your research, as you’ve likely already seen prices can vary massively depending on who you’re looking to use. Hopefully, from reading this article you realise there are other factors which are more important than the price you pay or the additional extra’s you will receive. Research testimonials, speak to the advisers on the phone and ask all the questions you can think of. Paying for the most expensive course on the market doesn’t necessarily mean you’re paying for the best qualification available.

One last thing, don’t be afraid to ask if the training provider is willing to price match other prices which are available.

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This article has been taken from the free booklet “7 tips for becoming a personal trainer” a booklet with the most common questions answered. If you want to read the other questions learners ask when enrolling in their course then head here and download yours today!

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