What will I learn on my course?

What will I learn on my course

What will I learn on my course?

So while you’ve likely been weighing up a number of options when deciding on which course is for you. One thing you want to know is “What will I learn on my course?” Here is what you can expect to cover on your learning path to becoming a Personal Trainer (This covers both the Level 2 Gym Instructor as well as Level 3 Personal Trainer certificates).

Course Content

To be effective as a Personal Trainer there are things you need to know about the human body. Anatomy and Physiology will teach you about the main muscle groups, the different types of muscles, what they’re used for and how they can be improved through exercise. The heart, lungs and how they service the body and keep it functioning.

Inline with Active IQ qualification standards below are the key topics which will be covered.

Health and safety in a fitness environment will ensure you know how to look after the wellbeing of your clients. Considering hazards which can occur in gyms and what steps you can take to minimise these incidents.

Teaching your clients to exercise and determine intensity is within Programming exercise for clients as well as helping your clients understand the importance of rest periods and exercise repetition. While building their confidence and making them responsible for their own progress.

Communicating with and motivating clients means working with different clients with their own fitness goals and barriers to exercise to overcome. You’ll find yourself as their trainer having to motivate and remind them why they’re training.

Fitness is more than just exercise, Principles of nutrition will help you understand the role of food and drink in determining the level of a clients health and fitness.

Combining this with the face to face practical teaching of the training days that we deliver, this covers everything that you will learn in your course.

Are you ready to become a personal trainer? If you have any more questions call 01516916680 for more information.

This article has been taken from the free booklet “7 tips for becoming a personal trainer” a booklet with the most common questions answered. If you want to read the other questions learners ask when enrolling in their course then head here and download yours today!

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