Which course format is best for me?

which course format is best for me

One of the decisions you need to make prior to enrolling on your personal trainer qualification is how the course will be delivered and if it meets your needs around your existing work, family and lifestyle commitments. There are a number of options available to you, we’ll help explain and hopefully shed some light on which method is best for you.

What are my course options?

Full-time qualifications are the original method of learning; these can be seen as an intense way of learning, which means that you can achieve the qualification in the shortest possible time. These courses generally last for a week with 9-5 elements taking place Monday to Friday, with “homework” being assigned to help the learners digest the daily teaching. This is ideal if you’re not working or are able to book annual leave to allow for the time to learn. These courses because of the concentrated learning material as well as the venue and tutor hire generally tend to be the more expensive course option available.

Part-time qualifications are becoming more popular with training providers as well as students who have full-time work commitments. They’re designed to fit around your schedule and lifestyle, meaning you can spend as little or as much time working towards your course as your life will allow. These courses use a blended learning approach with a mixture of home study and face to face teaching/assessment days. The student will complete coursework, revise for exams and complete eLearning at home generally with the guidance of a student support contact. If you have a busy lifestyle with work, family and other commitments this is the perfect way to study as you can fit it around your other priorities.

Evening courses are often available across the UK at local colleges meaning that one evening a week you attend and learn the material needed for completing the qualification, these courses are generally spread across an academic year i.e. September to April/May. This can be popular for learners with full-time work commitments however the length of the course is not to everyone’s requirements. These courses because of the timescale are generally taught at a much slower pace than some learners prefer.

Assessment day only courses are available for learners who feel confident in their own ability to learn the course material at home and attend designated assessment days for their practical assessment. This may not be everyone’s preferred method of learning, this will generally explain why there are only a few training providers which have this method for selection. Training providers which offer this service will also have the optional add-on for teaching days but for an additional fee.

What next?

The decision is yours. How do you think you will learn best? It all depends on your personal circumstances. Have you got the money and the time to spare to attend a full-time intensive course? Or are you looking to fit the course around work and family? The ability to continue to earn/work while you’re learning is often a key deciding factor. If this sounds like you then the part-time or evening course options would be best.

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