Working as a Personal Trainer Overseas

Working as a Personal Trainer Overseas

Looking to take in the opulence in Dubai? Soak up the sun in Australia? Travel your way across Europe? Well with a REPS recognised qualification you can work as a personal trainer overseas!

Working as a Personal Trainer Overseas

Once qualified as a gym instructor or a personal trainer you may want to travel the world, see what options are available in different countries and who knows maybe find your niche in India or Dubai just to name a couple of fitness industry popular countries. With Nexus Training qualifications by Active IQ, you’ll be able to travel to far and wise crossing locations off your bucket list while adding to your client portfolio. It really has never been easier to be a personal trainer overseas.

Previous learners have established themselves as independent trainers in Dubai, some have also worked with gym chains in India and a few have worked as personal trainers to pay their way across Australia.

Job Opportunities

Cruise ships offer their holidaymakers complimentary personal training sessions as well as having staffed fitness suites on board, you’ll be able to either train the guests on a one to one basis or ensure the gym equipment is being used correctly.

Hotel gyms are now becoming very popular especially spa hotels, they’re not just about relaxation some people like to get a sweat going before they retreat to the Jacuzzi or head for their massage.

Wellness breaks saw an increase in popularity in 2017 and they’re set to continue to grow through 2018, generally located in secluded areas to help promote mindfulness they are a great way for people to potentially get the head start on a new way of life or maximise their dedication to changing or improving their lifestyle.

Research Before you Book

Do your research regarding the country and qualifications recognised before you leave, REPS and ICREPS is a good starting point as you’ll be able to see the countries your qualifications are accepted in. You may find that with some countries there will be a small transfer fee to pay in order for the official seal of approval but this is only small compared to the sun, memories and people that you will meet.

Are you ready to become a personal trainer? If you have any more questions call 01516916680 for more information.


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